Monday, 18 March 2013

Ere I forget all the joy that is mine, Today

Today, I was tempted. Tempted to feel that, it is not enough. That for all that I have, it is not enough. I compared myself to others. To the trend of having a bigger, larger, more expensive thing. I asked: If I have it, why can't I flaunt it? It's not like I have less than what they do! Don't they have the same job as I, earn a similar wage as I, I can afford it! And I want to flaunt it! why did I keep telling myself that a little one is enough? I cried. I felt so bad inside. So freaking bad. So disappointed at myself. Here I am, letting the devil play with my mind again. I let the devil consume my mind, my heart. Till my male colleague, simply told me, everything material, it is but a symbol, it does not matter how big or how expensive anything is. In fact, my dear, it is but foolishness to think that money can buy everything, including love and happiness. Remember, it cannot. Instead, put the money to better use. Use it wisely. Let the devil not tempt you again. For something big you buy, to flaunt, there will always be someone who will do it bigger, and better. And you will always be chasing the clouds. Let the clouds go, and see the sun shine through.

Friday, 8 March 2013

On life

So tired, I am, of protecting oneself. People think I'm depressed or what, like suicidal? I won't commit myself to it. I can't, I'm not that brave. I think brave is not the word here. Maybe it's cos I cherish my life enough to think that, no matter what happens, God will be there to help me. Only He can save us from ourselves. You know, everything is meaningless. The struggle of good against evil, fighting temptation. I only seek to maintain a sense of integrity. I don't see it as an obsession. It's about living life well, the way it's supposed to be. In all gratefulness of how the world is made, and what it has to offer. It's such an amazing thing to take in the sights and sounds. In the end, it's all meaningless, yet, there is a sort of peace that comes with enjoying the beauty in all comers of the world. You know what I am really troubled about? The material world. I used to own lots of things, travel everywhere, eat everything. But then I realised that I didn't quite enjoy all those things that much. I discovered that I can do just about anything, where I am, and just immerse myself in the present. The now. Feel the emotions run high, or low, or be neutral about my feelings. It gives a certain kind of acknowledgement, an understanding of how I feel about certain issues, the weather, the surroundings. It's wonderful being able to discover the me that I am. What I like or dislike. Somehow, I've gotten over detesting anything. I have passed the stage where there is anything to detest. For it is a strong word to use. It's interesting discovering and making sense of the world everyday of my life. I'm like a child again, looking at the people around me and seeking to go under and discover their core, what makes them unique. I don't see why I should grow to leave the child that I was. That I still am. But with more insight as the years go by. I used to draw a small house, with a small garden. that's all I wished for as a kid. Something small. But then, nobody told us about mortgages. And all I thought was, I would one day earn enough money to buy myself a nice little cottage. with a little garden. That I thought to myself, I can manage easy. But then friends now live in big houses. and talk about big things, like their travels and the foods they eat. It's about bigger, better, richer lifestyles they can afford. Or can they really afford it? I have friends who live in little houses, that they can't afford either. what is affordability? How can we measure that? by which yardstick do we measure what we can afford? Is it 25 percent of your income? or 60 percent? perhaps 90 percent? It's a gamble, isn't it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

mind on semi-overtime

I got to thinking.
Once again.

To be true, one has to live in honesty, can't do anything that you don't believe in, can't please everybody. Nobody likes an antagonist, why, its no surprise no one would like to be antagonised. But its really ok and possible to stick to your guns sans being an annoying prickling thorn. To seek to please God, not people. Saying that, Luke 2:52 does state that Jesus did grow in wisdom and in favour of God and man. Take a leaf out from His book (literally speaking, there IS a book), shouldn't we? Now, I better get back to the book.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Quality is what you pay for.

Here I'm thinking, is it not good enough you have something yet you want to spend more to upgrade.

How much is enough?

The idea is that the more obscure (it) is the more exclusive it becomes, the more it rises up in the desirability stakes.

Nature and basics CAN be luxe too.

Many times its the experience that counts.
Not how wild or extravagant it is, but how you derive the joy from it that translates the event into a meaningful portrait of memory.

Live is Luxe.
Your life is.

Things happen that don't fit into your idea of luxe.
But you can make it be.

to be continued......

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Consider them

Everyone is eternally interested in what is in it for them. Not that it is a problem. This is just how people are, you , me, everyone. So why don't we think of what is in it for them? Befits you, Befits me. We can make the world a better place. Because we are in the world, our actions impact the world at large. Even if it only helps one person, the domino effect will go on. Someone has to make the push. Servant hood is not making yourself a slave. You don't have to be a slave. I believe God wants us to serve, not slog. I may not be able to save the world in direct terms. But WE can make the world a better place by spreading the love and joy He gave us. How you do it is your choice. Pray God will show you how.

At times we feel for others and we think they could have been helped in a better way. It's not easy to accept that their way may be the best for them. Who knows what is best. It is beyond definition. I guess we can only consider our own circumstances and decide for ourselves. Can't decide for anyone else. We can try to place ourselves in their shoes, but all we can really do is try, because we are not them we cannot truly understand. Try with all our might, that is the only thing we can do really... i think.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

the simple things

There are too many products in the market these days that promise to deliver what you don't need. Yet it is good cos it is something new, something innovative, something to make things a little bit easier, to give you more time on your hands, to enjoy the better things in life. Like, like what?

There is always some experience waiting to be discovered. Something more exciting, a different realm. We are curious, that's why danger appeals to us. For fear is being afraid of the unknown. We fear what we don't know, and what we don't know we cannot foresee the consequences, even for what we know, we still try to push the boundaries, refusing to let precedents stop us from the hope of a breakthrough.

We are the only species that nothing depends on for their survival. We are beings that consume. I cannot think of any species that consume as much as we do. We take and when we give back, we feel as if we are making a contribution. When we stand at the point of nature's perspective. We'll be glad those humans didn't take more than they needed out of greed. Nature has it's amazing way of renewal and regrowth. Give some time. Time will take care of everything. But what we are short of is time. And time- we want to control. We seem to want to control everything. Are we freaks or what?

Well i suppose it is a good thing some people do what they do and other people make up for what those people do. In this age and time, its all about one group of humans balancing out the effects of the over consumption of the other group of humans. Humans giving other humans a purpose in life, a passion to pursue.

God is truly working. For what. I really cannot comprehend. The more I try to comprehend the value of my existence, the more the mind wanders into the far end of the world, never to come back. What will be will be. To be basic and to be secure in the knowledge that basic is best. Just be the best you can be. what else can you do?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Inspiration is a beautiful thing

A series of letters put together has no life other then the meaning it is prescribed to it. Then it becomes a word. And this word becomes so powerful however you choose to look at it by placing it in the middle of a sentence. A construction so marvellous you can put yourself across and make people feel how you feel even without speaking. Better still, having a spectrum of ways to digest a particular sentence makes it all the more spectacular.

Life is worth living when you have meaning.
Search for it, find it, and keep it close to your heart.

May your everyday be filled with meaning, does'nt matter what it is, if the meaning you find in your life benefits the greater good or just keeps you from trouble, well i don't see why not purposefully causing harm is not a good enough meaning to get by.

Who can tell you what is best? Providence has to go with acceptance and acceptance is a personal decision. Between you and God, you can whisper in a crowd to Him, cry when you're alone to Him, you don't have to pray out loud, He knows your thoughts.

How wonderful, How beautiful. Nobody can take this away from us. Nobody can control how we think. But God can inspire us to think differently.